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This time last year

06 August 2009

I must apologise for my erratic posting this week - I've got too much on my plate to keep up. I mentioned in my blogiversary post last week that I might link back to some favourite posts of a year ago, so here's a few to get started.

The images above are some quick shots I took of shadows falling on different objects. I love shadows and hope that by sharing these images you might take a minute to look at, and find joy in, some little detail in your day. You can see the whole post here.

These cups are part of a beautiful Shelley dinner set that belonged to my great grandmother. The tree design is so lovely isn't it? I just love the graphic black and white shapes with the tiny flashes of colour. Perfection. There's no point in me linking to the original post, because that's all folks for this one.

This photo was a happy accident that happened when I pressed the shutter release of my camera before I'd lined up the shot. It's part of the cover of a 1930's edition of Pinocchio.