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I *heart* Fridays: I *heart* shadows

08 August 2008

Everyone loves Fridays....
Even though my life isn't a 'Monday to Friday' existence: I have worked my own hours from my home office/studio for years; my husband's workdays aren't strictly weekdays; and our daughter isn't at school yet; Friday is still an anticipated and welcomed day.

I have decided to do a weekly "I *heart* Fridays" post featuring something that I love.
So here is the first installment.

Have you ever really taken the time to look at shadows? They can be truly amazing. I love them and wanted to share this with you. I have taken a lot of photos of flower shadows recently and I'm using the resulting shapes in some of my work. Who would have imagined that shadows can have layers? Below I've posted a few of my photos and you can see the layered shapes in the shadows (particularly in the bottom right image). These were just quick point and click shots I took. It was interesting to see the shadows fall on different objects, like the empty vases and rolls of paper.

Since becoming a mother I consciously try to find joy in the little things like children do every minute of the day. I hope this post may inspire you to do the same and look at everyday things like shadows in a new way.

Happy Friday!