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New Things!

29 April 2010

It's been a bit quiet around here lately hasn't it? I feel bad because I can see that I have had a lot of new visitors - no doubt as a result of the Notebook article. If you've just found my blog hello!, and my apologies... take a look back at the archives to get a sense of the way things usually are around here.

I've been working hard in preparation for my class at The Craft Room on Saturday, Mathilda's Market on Sunday and The Stitches and Craft Show next week. Now I'm very excited to show you a couple of things that have been taking up my time... new things! I love creating new products and I've really enjoyed these. I debated whether I should wait to share these here after S&C, but I don't think I can hold off.

Ooshka is a babushka pattern kit which contains the sewing pattern and instructions, and a printed fabric face panel (my illustration, professionally printed on to fabric). There's also a face pattern so you can make more Ooshkas - like in the bottom image. My Ooshka is no shrinking violet, she's 42 centimeters tall. Or 16 inches if that's your thing. There are 3 different faces available: black hair, auburn and blond, some with flowers in their hair.

I'll be selling some Ooshka's that I've made at Mathilda's on Sunday, and will have the pattern kits at Stitches & Craft next week. When I get back from Melbourne the pattern kits will be available online, as well as additional printed face panels.

The other thing, which I'm really happy with, is my hello birdy pillow pattern. I'll be taking this pattern with me to S&C, and it will also be available online from about 11th May... I'll let you know when. The finished pillows are approximately 44 x 35 cm (or 18 x 13.5 inches).

The birdy in the top image was made using a vintage tablecloth and linen for the wing. And the birdy in the middle was made by Marina of Wink Designs who as usual has been a fantastic help testing my patterns and offering her wisdom.

Now you can see why I was doing so much blanket stitching last week - each wing piece on the 3 birds I made has blanket stitching all the way around it. The Ooshka's faces also have blanket stitch or running stitch around them. You can easily do it all on the machine with zig zag stitch if you prefer. I must say that I find hand sewing quite enjoyable and relaxing.

So as you can see, I'm getting there. Crossing things off my list. How's your week going?