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Brown paper packages tied up with string... Flying Star Toys

28 April 2010

Have you received an email to participate in one of those art exchanges? It's a version of a chain email where you post one of your creations to the person who's name you're given, then you send the email on to 6 people, who then send it on to 6 more people. If everyone who agrees to take part actually does take part you'll receive 36 lovely handmade gifts in the mail.

I did one of these lately and I was the lucky recipient of three lovely packages in the mail. The drop off rate was a bit disappointing( 3 out of 36!), but it was worth it to send some handmade love to a total stranger, and to receive my own FlockA2 from Florence of Flying Star Toys. The other things I received were a gorgeous hand felted flower from Karen in Brisbane and a beautiful photo from Krissa in Port Macquarie. Neither Karen or Krissa have an online presence, so I can't point you in their direction.

Florence Forrest (love her name) is the Brisbane based creator of my FlockA2 (cockatoo) which is part of a range of limited edition decorative art objects. Florence says that Flying Star Toys are designed for display rather than play - guardians rather than playmates - to be beautiful objects for the home.

all images from Flying Star Toys

I'm in love with everything Florence makes (oh, those boats!). The quirky designs, quality of the materials and the attention to detail is what makes these creations stand out from the crowd. My FlockA2 is even weighted so that it stands independently. How lucky am I to have received one! You can get your own at The Flying Star Toys shops on Etsy and in Australian dollars here. Florence is also a fellow artist who's work is available from Udessi.

I can't wait to show you another brown paper package tied up with string that I received last week (unrelated to the art exchange), but I need to photograph it first. I've been a very spoilt girl