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Enjoy your weekend!

23 April 2010

Having children in your life is a major and constant reminder of how quickly time goes by. Last night a friend emailed me this photo

It's Roxy when she was almost 2. She looks so sweet and tiny. And cuuuute! Now she's a big 6 year old at school. I can hardly believe it. Apart from making my heart melt, seeing this photo was a big reminder to me of how fast the days and months and years pass by. And how we need to - as corny as it sounds - cherish each moment because it won't come again.

I'm often in a whirlwind of lists, and projects and thinking about the next thing, next week, next month. This weekend I'm going to try to take a breath (at least once!), and stop to clear my mind of everything except the present moment. I mean really clear it.

What are your plans?

P.S. I know that I don't normally post photos of my beautiful girl on this blog, but I just couldn't help myself today.