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Etsy Top 10: Terrariums

23 April 2009

I often log onto Etsy and do a search for something I'm interested in browsing, and it always turns up some really great finds. So I thought I'd share the fruits of my Etsy searches - my favourite 10 things - in a series of posts each Thursday for 10 weeks.

Keyword search: Terrarium

I bought this book from the Book Depository a while ago now, with good intentions of making myself some terrariums. But of course the idea and the book have been put aside for now until I find the time for it. I often wonder when that will be... when Roxy graduates from high school (in 13 more years), when I retire... when?

In lieu of making my own I had a browse around Etsy and found my favourite terrarium listings (in no particular order).

Stealing a Kiss. This beauty is by Elizabeth DeHart of One Punk Posey. I just love the little worlds and stories that Elizabeth creates in her terrariums - they are so simple and almost poetic.

This one took my breath away - it's so unexpected and beautiful. It's called Terrarium Mold Makes the World Go Round and is one of a series of lovely mandalas in playnature's etsy shop. This one, as the name suggests, has been created from a photo of a very intricate colony of mold growing on the wall of a terrarium. These mandalas are so stunning I think they deserve their own post... I'll add that to my list!

Oh so sweet and cute! This Pocket Garden is made from needle felting in a nutshell, and is described as "a miniature garden and a terrarium for your pocket". From Etsy seller drawingroom.

Another crafty example is the crocheted Picnic in the Park and is "a worry free alternative for anyone looking to add a touch of spring to a shelf or window sill". It's from JackRabbit who says this on her profile page: JackRabbit by Christine Domanic is brought to you by: handlebar moustaches, hot pretzels, garbage night, grilled cheese, thrift shopping, recycling, hanging out in the library, crocheting, sewing, indian food and riding bikes. I love reading fun stuff on sellers' profile pages, don't you?

Balloons for Bobby from One Punk Posey (again! I just love her creations). "A little bit of garden, a little bit of art".

The Terrarium Elephant from Charlotte Cramer has wonderful bold shapes and is quite graphic in its composition - great photo huh?

This Terrarium Print is the work of one of my favourite artists and bloggers, Gennine Zlatkis. You can read my previous post about Gennine's work and blog here (there's even a photo of a terrarium Gennine created, which now that I think about it, may have been the start of my terrarium love!).

In-vitro Plant Culture is a hand-carved rubber stamp by mongosteenskin. Have a look at the mongosteenskin Etsy shop for more hand-carved stampy goodness.

Blithe Gardens' shop boasts a host of whimsical terrariums in interesting vessels, including this one in an apothecary jar.

If you look closely at the interestingly named Thoreau Moss Terrarium you'll see a lovely little mini sculpture of 3 balanced rocks. What a sweet little detail! You'll find this one at Green Briar's shop along with The Transcendentalist, The Jung Frau, and The Peabody... gotta love a seller who puts so much imagination into naming their wares.

Image Source: All Etsy images from individual sellers, as listed.