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Put it on Paper

06 January 2009

I found this sweet little bookshelf at a market recently for $4 and decided it would be a great place to store all my journals and visual diaries. As you can see I have quite a few.

The journals I have on the go at the moment are a number of ideas and inspiration books, and a more personal one in which I mainly record my thoughts about issues that I'm having or things that I'm struggling with. I find that writing things down often brings clarity - it's therapeutic for me to get all that stuff out of my head where it's swirling around and around and on to paper.

Another one is a journal for Roxy in which I record things she says, her likes and dislikes and quirky little things about her. Kids grow and change so quickly and you think that you'll remember the funny or insightful things they come out with, but often you don't. To me this kind of record keeping is important and fun. I want to make it visually interesting so I often do little line drawings to accompany the entries. Most of the time I'm doing it in a hurry, so the drawings are quick and simple. Each entry is fairly short, and I may do it a few times in one day, or not at all for a week. The important thing for me is to have it close at hand.

Artist Geninne Zlatkis keeps the most beautiful detailed journals. Geninne is an amazingly talented woman and her blog is another favourite of mine. Aren't these pages just gorgeous?

Geninne has a beautiful home in Mexico, of which there are frequent glimpses on her blog, and her studio looks lovely, spacious and well organised.

These prints and more are available in Geninne's etsy shop here, and you can visit her blog here.

Postscript: This recent creation of Geninne's has inspired me to add 'make a terrarium' to the long list of things I'd like to do.