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The second one about cushions

21 May 2012

My bedroom is a work in progress. When I showed it to you the other week it was pretty much all white, but I needed more colour. I have a plan to make a quilt - all the fabric is cut, but I have to get in and actually make it. It will have lots of white in it with splashes of colour, which is pretty much how I like my entire home to be.

So until the quilt is made I have injected some colour with, you guessed it, cushions.

I made the long cushion for the TV room in our last house from some Kokka fabric gifted to me by Marina. The new addition is the Ditsy cushion (great name!). The sweet vintage looking floral print cushion is a dark coral colour with tiny white and aqua flowers. It adds a nice bright solid feel to my mixed and matched collection.

There are two other Ditsy cushions with the same lovely vintage feel, in aqua (the colour in the photo above is more accurate than the website photo) and dark blue. The florally vintagey goodness isn't the best part either... I was happy when I read the tag and discovered that the inserts are made from 100% recycled drink bottles. Each cushion has saved 42 bottles from landfill. Who would've thought?! I love that. Equally good is the price: $14.95. Absolute bargain!

Get them at Freedom, while they last.

Disclosure: The folks at Freedom kindly gifted me the Ditsy cushions. I only ever blog about things I love and that fit with the aesthetic of my blog. This was a no brainer.