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Perfect Sydney Weekend

21 May 2012

On the weekend we went to Palm Beach (just over an hour north of central Sydney) and had the most glorious, relaxed, fun day celebrating a friend's birthday. Although it's almost winter, the day was pretty warm and perfect and the kids spent the entire day running on the sand, splashing in the water and climbing on the rocks. With only a short break for lunch.

How gorgeous is this house?! It's one of the original Palm Beach houses, built in the 1920s, and fronting right onto the Pitwater side of Palm Beach. It belongs to a friend of the birthday girl, and I felt so lucky to spend the day at such a special spot. The top two photos were taken when I was standing in the garden - that's how close it is to the water. The adults had a civilised lunch on the verandah while the kids tucked into their bbq sausages in the garden.

We drove home after dark, happy and tired. It was one of those perfect days.