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The first one about cushions

20 May 2012

Well, if you know me you'll know that really this is far from my first blog post about cushions, but it's the first one for today.

When my friend Steph recently blogged about Curio & Curio I discovered their hand screen printed, limited edition Dot Cushions. I knew that I just had to have one. It's totally fab, and positively glows, particularly on dull days. Here it is on my new totally sensible and extremely comfy linen sofa. It's cosying up to another fave, the Ribbons cushion from Pony Rider.

Melbourne based stylist Clair Wayman and her partner Nick are behind the Curio & Curio and Two Ruffians labels - you can read more about them on The Design Files.

Image: Curio & Curio
Buy Curio & Curio online, or visit their shop.