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Tokyo Design Festa

28 May 2012

I first went to Design Festa in 2008 and I was blown away, and couple of weeks ago when I was in Tokyo I went for the third time. You can read my previous posts here. Design Festa is so full of fabulous energy and thousands of exhibitors (I think there were 7,000 this time). I walked around for 6 hours non stop and still didn't get to see any installation art or performances. It's huge! I didn't take any close ups of people's work this time, but you can see some on previous posts, and I'll show you what I bought soon. It's not all as outlandish as these photos might lead you to believe!

Melanie and I tried to meet up at Design Festa, but it didn't quite work out. Check out Melanie's post on Design Festa (with great photos) and also Ebony's.

The next Design Festa is on in Tokyo on the weekend of November 10 and 11. If you love handmade you'll love Design Festa.