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Quilt Update

06 May 2011

Following my post and your lovely comments last week about my attempt to quilt I was inspired to forge ahead. Last weekend I managed to make 3 more blocks (after putting aside less important things like cleaning the house and gardening). So excited! And I found yet another use for my huge stash of Japanese tape.

Roxy had some special requests for particular animals to be included - you might be able to see them in the images above. I'm not thrilled with the yellow heart - all my yellow fabrics were a bit too same-y in colour and scale.

I'm going to draw up some options now on exactly how I want the quilt to look. I initially thought that I would butt the blocks up to each other, but I think they look better with white separating them. Then I wondered how it might look with only 5 or 6 of these big heart blocks combined with smaller blocks in varying sizes and designs so the quilt design is a bit crazy and less ordered. I'll keep you in the loop as my thoughts develop. If you have any ideas I'd love some links for inspiration.

There's a bit of camera distortion here. My blocks are a bit wonky, but not quite as bad as they appear in this shot!

Have a lovely weekend and happy Mothers Day to all you mums! Roxy wants a 'Mama and Roxy day', that we will share with nobody else. Just us. We haven't made any plans yet and will see what the weather is like when we wake up on Sunday morning. I hope your day is delightful too.

If, like me you can't share Mothers Day with your Mum I hope you are surrounded by loved ones and are able to share your memories of her. I miss my darling Mum every day, but even more so in the lead up to significant days like this Sunday.