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Mother Love

11 May 2010

I was a long way from my Sweet Pea on Mothers Day this year (at the Stitches & Craft Show in Melbourne), but the best part was arriving home after 10pm and snuggling her warm sleepy little body after 5 days away. Roxy half woke up when she sensed I was there, opened her eyes and went back to sleep smiling. She's the best Mothers Day present I could ever wish for.

My own beautiful mum passed away some years ago now, but I still miss her so much and was glad of the distraction of the show this year.

that's mum on the right when she was in her early 20's

My kind, gentle, nurturing, loving mum.

The road to motherhood was long and difficult for both mum and I. But oh, so worth it.

I hope you had a lovely Mothers Day with your children, your mum, or your memories of her.

Alix included me in her tribute to modern mums. (pity I wasn't around to give her a better photo) Thanks Alix!