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Orange You Lucky You're Not Here

23 September 2009

"Mum, Mum... it's all orange outside my window!"
".... argghh... what?... it's just the sunrise..."
"No Mum, the whole sky is orange. Really orange!"
[conversation in our bedroom at 5.45am]

Image Source (top 2 photos): Sydney Morning Herald
Bottom photo:

This morning Sydney is blanketed in thick orange dust and it's the weirdest thing. You can feel it in the air inside the house and I can't get the taste out of my mouth. We've had unseasonably high temperatures and gale force winds which have combined to bring about this dust storm from the west. The photos (which would have been taken this morning at around 6am) are rather spectacular aren't they?

I think we'll all be staying indoors today - no school for Roxy.