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Behind the Scenes

24 September 2009

Sorry it's been a bit quiet here on the red thread this week. This is what's been going on behind the scenes:

Roxy learnt how to make origami cups last week at school, so yesterday when we were in red dust lock down she made a lot of them. I decided to put them to use and we created a few garlands which are now strung across our hall cupboards.

I have been madly packaging up Sweetie Petites and sending out pre-orders. If you've already placed an order I posted it this morning. I've also had some wholesale orders, which are packaged ready for my second trip to the post office today. I'm including a made up sample for shops to display so I've been busily sewing Mimi, Molly, Ginger and Daisy and their little friends.

On top of that every surface in our house is covered in that bloody red dust! We've stripped all the beds and we're in the process of wiping down and/or washing everything in every room. What a drag! And all because we'd left our bathroom window open a few inches over night.

... and so what all that means is that I've not had any time to blog.

I'm aiming to have my website updated and online shops in AUS$ and US$ up and running for my Sweetie Petites over the weekend. My 'to do' list is sooo long at the moment!