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Look Again :: Darren Riga's Displacement Series

22 September 2009

Ontario based artist Darren Riga places everyday objects such as balloons, tinfoil and streamers in natural settings to create these dramatic images titled Displacement. In doing so he allows us to view the commonplace in a new light. These photos almost make me do a double take - I absorb the beauty of nature and then register that there's something out of the ordinary going on.

The interaction of object with landscape in these works can be read as a narrative. The situation imposes the viewer to question how and why there is a balloon majestically floating through a forest: has it blown here from a far off birthday picnic? Is it returning to the ground after a week long helium filled trip? Has the artist just placed it here in the middle of the forest? Is it not a balloon at all, but something that grew in the woods? Can there be no human presence here? The answer to all of these is: yes. [text from Darren's website]

I love the endless possibility that these images offer... so many stories could start right here.

Image Source: Darren Riga