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What the... What is James Wearing?

31 July 2009

James Andrew is a well known interior designer who writes a blog called What is James Wearing? Natalie posted an interview with James this week, which led me to his blog.

What is James Wearing is part interiors and part fashion, as he is photographed in various Manhattan locations, shops and homes, as well as some more exotic spots he frequents, itemising what he wore on the day (always head to toe Gucci, Dior, D&G... get the picture?). This quote at the top of the blog is from Elle Decoration UK: Our favourite blogger... possibly of all time... is James Andrew. A pretty big rap huh?

I enjoy what James writes about the places he visits and the interiors he is working on, and I love the shots of him. I love them because I think they are absolutely hilarious. I can't quite figure it out though... I'm sure he's being completely serious about it all, but to me it comes across as a send up. It's the poses that get me more than anything - although admittedly in the last photo James says he was channeling a famous pose of Yves Saint Laurent's. Just check out these images and tell me what you think.

Image Source: What is James Wearing.

Piss take or not, I think What is James Wearing is totally fabulous!