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Etsy Search Top 10: Crochet + Necklace

02 July 2009

I had to laugh when my Etsy keyword search post last week generated not a single comment! Seems I'm not the only one who's not partial to argyle. Too funny.

This week I wanted to see what I could find on Etsy in the way of crocheted jewellery, as I'm loving wearing my earrings and I've also seen some beautiful crocheted necklaces around recently. One of the things on my I'd-love-to-do-this-if-only-I-had-the-time list is to learn to make some crocheted jewellery. But first I have to cross another thing off my list, and that is 'learn how to crochet'.

The keywords for my Etsy search this week were crochet and necklace. I didn't make it through all the listings and I was overwhelmed by how many gorgeous things I found.

Lichen Lariet from Bodhi Tree
Crochet Necklace from Wren handmade
So beautiful!

Vintage Lace Crochet Necklace and Pattern from La Bonne Femme
Vintage Crochet Necklace Pattern from Meeks Sandy Girl
Oooh... vintage and crochet! Love.

Ertha Ecco Neckpiece from Gitte
Deliacte Leaf Necklace from Blue Fish Handmade
So delicate and beautiful.

Bobble Branch Necklace from Ollies Woollies
Round Cup Leaflets Garland from Kanokwalee
Lovely oganic shapes.

Chrysanthemum Indicum Necklace from Irregular Expressions
I love this because it looks so vintage and reminds me of lovely old things you'd find at your grandma's house.

Super Loop Chain Scarf from Beautiful Bridget
Bubble Round Set from Softspoken Crochet
These beauties aren't my style, but I think they're totally fabulous.

When I started my Etsy Search Top 10 series I intended for it to last for 10 weeks... how time flies, because those 10 weeks are over. What do you think, would you like me to continue on with the series, or not? It's a lot of work to pull these posts together, but I would be happy to keep going with it... otherwise I can move on to something else. Should I stay or should I go now? (That reference was a flashback to my youth)