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Sarah Applebaum :: Artist

16 June 2009

Artist Sarah Applebaum created an amazing cave space in her living room with cardboard, paper and crocheted granny squares. Woah! Psychedelic overload.

Images: Fecal Face

The faceted shapes are painted cardboard pieces suspended on a series of strings and pullies, and the cascading curtain is made from handcut pieces of paper. Sarah made this installation in preparation for an exhibiton currently showing at Receiver Gallery in San Francisco. (Check out the Receiver link for lots of great art.) You can see more images of Sarah's installation in her home on Fecal Face.

This is Sarah's exhibition, titled Soft Core:

Image: Sarah Applebaum

I particularly love the organic placement of the faceted shapes and the clusters of coloured raindrops.

I have to give a shout out to my friend Donna for showing me Sarah's work. Thanks lovely.