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Life's Little Luxuries :: Shoes by Hetty Rose

16 June 2009

Having been cursed with rather large feet, one of the things that I would definitely spend my money on if I had a lot of it is bespoke shoes. Oh to have gorgeous and stylish, beautifully crafted, well fitted and comfortable shoes! I dream of having choice, instead of having to settle for something - anything - in my size. If I had the means I would be jetting off to London each season to have my shoes custom made by Hetty Rose.

Hetty's shoes are crafted from vintage kimono fabric and eco-sensitive vegetable tanned leather, and as they are made to order there's no waste caused by over-production.

The collection is based on a theory of re-using and re-working vintage materials in a creative and sustainable way, hand making gorgeous, feminine shoes to fit. These materials are primarily vintage Japanese kimono fabrics: relics of a disappearing world, saturated in significance and hidden meanings.

There is a fantastic stop frame film showing the making of a pair of Hetty Rose shoes here (scroll down the page).

Images: Hetty Rose


So if you see me wearing a pair of these stunning shoes you'll know I've made it... either that or I have a sugar daddy.

Oh, and I also have to tell you that my mum always said that being very tall I'd look silly if I had little feet. And I'd fall over a lot. Mums always know the right thing to say don't they.