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Freestyle :: A New Spin on Magazines

15 June 2009

There are a lot of magazines vying for our attention and our dollar, but there's a new one that stands out from the crowd. Freestyle Magazine is a limited edition fashion and design title with a difference: it comes inside a designer frisbee.

Each issue of this biannual magazine will be slotted inside a frisbee decorated by a well known artist or designer. For the first issue, available in early July, the frisbee features a graphic by Eley Kishimoto. Issue 1 will be a limited edition of 5,000, with the frisbee available in 5 different colour combos - 1,000 of each. Orange with metallic blue design and clear Purple with metallic CD-foil design sound super cool don't they?

The cover image is a montage of machine stitched images by Jason McGlade, which is part of a fabulous series.

All images via Freestyle Magazine.

The distinctive format, collectible frisbee and Jason McGlade's images have already won me over. I'm sure Freestyle Magazine will become a collector's item, so if you're keen to nab a copy you can register to be notified when the first issue is available.

The magazine also has a suitably funky blog.