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Oh So Pretty on Etsy

17 June 2009

Oh. My. Goodness. Just look at these images. Aren't they so beautifully done? Lovely but quite haunting, glamorous and kinda weird all at the same time. They are from the Etsy shop of Tulet/Oh So Pretty which sells "hot little hair pieces". And they are.

They are all so stylish and... well... pretty, and with everything in Oh So Pretty's shop priced under US$50, and a lot under $20 they're very reasonable.

I feel a tad too old to get around wearing one of these beauties, but I so love the idea of it. Do you wear things in your hair? Do you think that there is a certain age when you shouldn't go there any more? Or do you think with the right style and attitude you can pull anything off... within reason of course! I'm not talking about Cher here. I'd love to hear your thoughts.