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The Stitches & Craft Show

26 June 2009

In August last year I blogged about my first visit to the Stitches & Craft Show. (You can read my post here) I came away very inspired by the section devoted to indie crafters that had been set up by Living Creatively. This year I have been invited to be a part of that 'incubator' section. I'm very excited about it and in a mad panic getting all new products ready to sell... hence the state of my studio/office, my long hours and huge list of things to do in the next seven and a half weeks.

I've had ideas for new things I want to make for quite some time (actually I always have lots of ideas!), but have never been able to devote the time to get going with them. It's only been a month since I committed to dong the Stitches & Craft Show, so designing and making, testing and packaging completely new products in this timeframe is madness. But even though the pressure is really on now I'm very much enjoying seeing those ideas finally taking physical form, and it is good to have a deadline. So what am I'm doing? Something totally different to my current art-based creations - I'm designing and making kits, which will include fabric panels which I have designed. And there will also be some new cards.

I'm going to be mean and not show you anything just yet, but each week I intend to write a post about my progress and preparation. Apart from the design and packaging of the kits I'm also hyped about decorating my stand for the show. I've got lots of plans and I'll share those too as the countdown progresses.

Image Source: The Stitches & Craft Show

Since Living Creatively took over the Stitches & Craft Show it's been on in both Melbourne and Brisbane.

The dates for the Sydney Show are Wednesday 19th to Sunday 23rd of August, from 10am - 5pm. It's going to be fantastic, so please make the effort to come along - you won't be disappointed. Along with the indie crafters section there will be over 200 stands selling everything and anything related to crafts, as well as workshops and demos, some cool craft exhibitions and random prize give aways during happy hour. Another highlight will be the screening of Faythe Levine's doco Handmade Nation. I have the book and I can't wait to see the film.

Let the countdown begin...