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Not Waving... Drowning

24 June 2009

This is what my studio/office looked like on Monday morning.

The walls are still bare from when the house was painted last month, but every other surface is covered in piles of stuff. The table against the far wall is covered in piles about 10 inches high of books, papers, sketches, fabric, folders, etc. And my desk is almost covered, although there are still glimpses of the desk surface if you look hard enough.

Now if you know me you'll be all too aware that this kind of mess is totally out of character for this perfectionist neat freak. And here I am outing myself on my own blog.

I'm madly working every available moment trying to get my new products ready for mid August, as well as doing a few jobs for 'real' (graphic design) clients. Added to that are the demands of blogging and being a mother and a wife, and the end result is that something's gotta give. For now that something is my work space. Although it is counterproductive to be working in a tip I will have to put up with it for a while. Either that or just close the door and move to another room in the house. Hmmm... that sounds tempting.