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Living Creatively

20 August 2008

The Stitches and Craft Show is on at Rosehill Racecourse from today, so I went to check it out this morning. With the rise of cool crafting I imagined that there would be plenty of beautiful creations to drool over, new materials and techniques to discover, and a fun day to be had.

... I was pretty much surrounded by nannas having a lovely day out - not that there's anything wrong with that!
Disappointingly, but not surprisingly I guess, the products for sale and on display reflected the taste of that demographic. That is until I ventured up to the 3rd floor to be greeted by this:

Image source:

Living Creatively has set up the sweetest display featuring beautiful contemporary crafted pieces complete with real grass and bunnies. Yummy looking felted and knitted cupcakes, strawberries and carrots sat alongside sweet fabric flowers and birds. There were clotheslines scattered throughout the area from which more creations were hanging, and some crafty young women were selling their wares.
Living Creatively is, according to their website, "an online community dedicated to creativity". I have to admit I am yet to explore the website, but from what I saw today they are doing a good job of nurturing young crafters/designers.

Craft is very much in vogue and there is a rapidly growing groundswell of indie crafters using and reinterpreting traditional techniques and materials. How great is that? I really hope that the momentum continues.