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A breather in the park

02 June 2009

I need a little break. Just a breather this afternoon really. In the park would be good. In the Shinjuku Gyoen would be perfect. This amazing lush oasis is the perfect place to relax and get some respite from the mad pace of Tokyo. I spent a couple of afternoons there the other week when my cold got the better of me and I needed some down time. The garden is massive and has various sections including an English rose garden, a French style garden and of course traditional Japanese plantings. I took these photos when we were there in May last year.

The reason I need a breather is that I'm really busy developing some exciting new products which are similar in 'retro vibey' style to some of my current things, but are in a new medium for me. And I have a pretty tight deadline in which to do them. I can't show you anything for now, but I will when things are more finalised.

So... the reason I am telling you all this, and showing you the garden I'd like to be taking a deep breath in, is to apologise for not sharing my fabric and paper purchases from Tokyo. I know I promised them for this week, along with a list of fab shops I visitied, but I haven't had a chance to photograph anything. I haven't forgotten. I just have to get on to it, although I'm not sure when.

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