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Shopping in Tokyo :: GIVEAWAY

29 May 2009

Want to share in some of the fruits of my shopping? I've got 2 lots of goodies to give away. The piles you see in the photo above are just the beginning!

Both of the collections I've put together for you contain lots of wonderful Japanese goodness including washi paper tape, letter paper, envelopes, origami paper, the sweetest printed paper bags, little note cards, note paper, tiny cute sticky notes, sticky tape with cute animals on it, some Kokka fabric with little bugs and apples, a length of fabric tape with animals on it, a mushroom clip, and a little 'joyful' animal container. Plus a few other bits and pieces that will vary for each of the 2 giveaways.

So how do you win? Just leave a comment on this post about your favourite place to shop - it could be a favourite city or area, or a particular shop. The winner will be chosen at random this time next week, which is also when I'll put the second lot of goodies up to give away. You can enter both giveaways, and I'm happy post them internationally.

Oh, and do you like the cute little mini bunting I made from my washi paper tape? It's such beautiful tape...

Edit: I almost forgot to wish you a wonderful weekend: relaxing, creating, enjoying... whatever you have planned I hope it's a lovely one.