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Freshly Painted

11 May 2009

I always enjoy it when bloggers allow me to peek inside their homes, so I thought I'd show you a few snapshots of some favourite spots in our freshly painted house.

This is our newest find - a beautiful 1930's sideboard. So new in fact that it's still empty and has yet to have the glass shelf and doors put in. It has gorgeous bakelite handles and is in wonderful original condition. We bought this for a song in the Hunter Valley and managed to sell our old one (also art deco but not nearly as nice) for more on ebay. Yay! In the background of the second image you can see one of the prints I own from Irene Suchoki. And on top are ArtMind's Mini Art Feelings, which I featured last week.

Our circular dining table and chairs are also art deco. We love the simple modern shapes and rich timbers that were popular in that era. The table is in our back living area which opens to our small garden and is bathed in sunlight all day. Any work that doesn't require me to be sitting in front of my computer is usually done at this table.

The old bottles are part of a big collection that belonged to my Mum. As you can see from the photos I love to scatter them throughout the house with a single flower in each. At the moment there are also some in my office and the bathroom.

Our bedroom is still in transition at the moment. I have stripped it back to the bare minimum while I contemplate what to do. I adore the look of an all white bed, so that won't change. The colour palette I want is white, natural and aqua - very soft, natural and peaceful. This is my idea of the perfect white bedroom. I have some absolutely gorgeous fabric from cloth (in the photo above right) which I'd like to make some cushions with, and I might also use some to cover an old chair for the bedroom. Cloth calls the aqua colour 'seafoam' - I just love that, it's so evocative.

Which brings me to the walls. I had my heart set on wallpapering behind the bed in Orla Keily's Blossom wallpaper, but we have moved the bed to a wall which has a small window in it, and I just don't think the wallpaper will work there. The furniture is much better in this configuration, so I need to work with the window.

I love the aqua leaf wallpaper which was featured (on the page top left) in Real Living magazine. It's from Scandinavian Wallpaper and Decor, who have some beautiful things, but unfortunately this one isn't featured on their website. The photo on the right and the one above are Trove wallpapers. Aren't they sooo divine! These tumbling designs might just work on a white wall with that little window. Or I could try something along the lines of Claire Coles' stunning creations... Armed with Lena Corwin's Printing By Hand and Lotta Jansdotter's Lotta Prints I am inspired again to create something myself. Maybe I should buy Lauren and Derek's new book Wallpaper Projects: 50 Craft and Design Ideas for your Home... or is that just an excuse to buy another book!

What do you think? Do you think a scattered and tumbling design will work? If you have any ideas or you've seen anything that you think I might like I'd love you to comment with a link.