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Twitter :: Do you Tweet?

24 March 2009

All of a sudden Twitter is coming at me from every direction. So many of the blogs I read have all of a sudden got a Twitter link in their sidebar, and over the weekend there were articles in both Saturday and Sunday's paper about it.

Image Source: YiYing Lu

You may have read about this illustration which was picked up on istock by one of Twitter's founders and used when there were service outages on the network. It was dubbed 'Fail Whale' and has become hugely popular, even spawning it's own fansite, T shirts and other merchandise. YiYing Yu is the Sydney designer and illustrator behind the accidental icon, originally called Lifting up a Dreamer, which she created as an e-card for a friend.

If you want to know more the What is Fail Whale site has all sorts of links to everything Fail Whale related.

Do you use Twitter? I'd be interested to hear your thoughts. I'm afraid I just can't get into this mini-blogging and social networking tool, and I have to admit that I don't do Facebook either. [cue audible gasp from readers] I have enough trouble keeping up with blogging, work, family, and friends in the real world without adding another thing that demands my time!

Update (about 14 hours after I posted this morning): So I'm in the hairdresser's today reading lots of magazines, as you do, and the editorial columns of two of those magazines were devoted to Twitter. Then... I just got my FeedBlitz update from design*sponge and Grace posted saying that she joined Twitter today. Tweeting is taking over the world!