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Monday BlogDay: Kiss the Paper

23 March 2009

I am so late blogging today that I've nearly missed Monday entirely... unless of course if you're in the northern hemisphere where I'm actually early. So let's pretend that I am my usual punctual self and I am in fact blogging from the northern hemisphere today.

Kiss the Paper is one of those blogs that is so visually beautiful and so emotionally pure that it gives me goosebumps when I visit.

kate + molly.
born in months that begin with A.
10 years apart.

both 5 ft 2, both size 6 shoe.

born into a family of artists.
raised on a commune with red barn doors.

one brunette. one blonde.
they have gathered stories together + separately in italy, argentina + brooklyn (+ some other good places).

It's a weekly blog by two sisters who live in different cities. The blog posts are beautiful, very visual, responses to a question posed each Tuesday.

I love that Kate and Molly have such a close and wonderful relationship, of the kind you could only dream of and wish for with a sibling. The sad reality is that having a sister is often no guarantee of having a connection, or even a relationship, so the friendship and love between Molly and Kate is inspiring to witness.