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yes, I've renovated my blog AGAIN!

25 March 2009

I think as a graphic designer the hardest client to please is usually yourself.

When I won a blog redesign by the lovely Gisele back in December the busy and layered look I created with her was reflective of my headspace at the time. I really liked it, but as I looked at it everyday I came to the realisation that it wasn't my style at all.

So I spent some time thinking about what it was that I'd be happy with and I decided it was a simple design that would allow the content of the posts to take center stage. I'm so happy with it now, this is it - I'm not planning on changing the design again!

There are a couple of very minor things that are still being sorted today, thanks to the fabulous Brooke who has implemented my design for me. She is a talented designer herself, so if you need her help with your blog you can find her here, and visit her blog OhBrooke here.

Back soon with a "real" post...