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Japan Part 5: Stationery Love

12 February 2009

If you love stationery you'll be in heaven in Japan. There is such a huge array of beautifully designed and illustrated notebooks, cards, folders, writing sets, stickers, envelopes, tags... well everything really. I bought a lot, but now of course I wish I'd bought more. Isn't that always the way? It can be a bit overwhelming to have so much choice when you're not used to it. And I'm not sure if our stationery and card ranges are more expensive than other countries generally, but that's certainly the case in comparison with Japan. It all seemed to be so reasonably priced.

Great little notebooks for $1 each.

The sweetest little diary with an embroidered button and linen slip cover and little illustrations throughout. Such beautiful attention to detail. I think I only paid $6 for this.

How great are these matchbooks?! Can you see the teeny faces on the matches?

A paper fan which is a greeting card - you write on the back of it.

This card is a 'box' with a woolly heart behind the birdcage window. The bird and the stars are embossed. Too much gorgeousness for $6.

The back of the card:

I amassed a very big collection of Japanese greeting cards, so I hope to share more soon.