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Inspiration: Alex Tebb

13 February 2009

Under the name Lexy Art, Brisbane artist Alex Tebb creates incredibly detailed artworks on timber using her Prismacolour pencils and ink. She layers her drawings which results in solid colours that look like they could have been painted. Alex says her job as a graphic artist influences how she uses and experiments with colour, graphic backgrounds and patterns.

Alex loves using her Prismacolours, and says: I've had a lot of people tell me that one day I will 'step-up' from pencils and start painting, but I can't see it happening anytime soon. Besides, far too many people leave their coloured pencils behind in childhood!

The level of detail in Alex's drawings is unbelievable, I can't begin to imagine how long they must take her to complete. And get this: she's only 24 and hasn't studied art since high school art classes.

She enjoys trying to capture the personalities and quirly expressions of animals, and she's recently begun to draw people - with stunning results. I really loved seeing this series of photos on Alex's blog showing Sirena in progress.

Image Source: Alex Tebb

You can check out Alex's etsy shop, where she sells prints of her work mounted on timber panels. She also has an online gallery of work, and a blog where she shares work in progress.

There is a Lexy Art and FlowerPress giveaway currently on Modish, so go check it out.

P.S. Isn't this FlowerPress tea towel gorgeous? It's one of the prizes in the Modish giveaway. White on unbleached linen is one of my fave combinations.

Image Source: FlowerPress