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I *Heart* Fridays: I *Heart* Girl of All Work

13 February 2009

In an effort to reduce my bookmarks I've been trying to sort through at least a few a day. One website I'd bookmarked but haven't visited in some time is Girl of All Work.

Now I remember why it is bookmarked: it's the home of beautiful paper goods, one of my weaknesses. The first things that set my heart a flutter were these page flags. I *heart* the 'Raval' ones on the right with their soft water colour drops and lovely colours.

I also adore this sweet Curious Hedgehog Journal. The simple line illustration on natural linen is a look I'm really into at the moment. And the illustration on the Fancy Friends card is adorable too.

Feeling all glum about not having access to these lovely Girl of All Work products I looked at the stockists page just to torture myself further, and lo, there is a Sydney stockist! Guess where I'll be off to next week. Only in the name of research of course.

Happy Friday, stay safe and have a lovely weekend.