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Beautiful, environmentally sound, innovative design

03 December 2008

I was stunned to read recently that for every litre bottle of water you buy in a shop 5 litres of water and a quarter of a litre of oil are used in it's manufacture, packaging, freight, refrigeration, etc. 90% of the environmental impacts from disposable plastic bottles happen even before you open the bottle. Isn't that a sobering thought? In addition, the plastic bottles that the water is packaged in are designed for single use only. I used to buy them and think I was doing the right thing by refilling and reusing them, but they actually leach dangerous chemicals into your water. Add to that the statistic that less than 15% of those bottles actually get recycled... there's no way I'll buy bottled water again. Especially since here in Australia there is absolutely nothing wrong with our tap water. And it's free! I now drink from my stylish, reusable and safe, Sigg bottle.

In response to the issue of those problem plastic water bottles, Design firm brandimage have produced the 360 Paper Bottle - a world first environmentally friendly solution.

Brilliant! And just take a look at it... it's so beautifully designed.

Image Source: Brandimage (found via The Dieline)

From the brandimage website:
Each day, Americans throw out 60 million plastic bottles. Only 14% actually get recycled— meaning 86% become garbage or litter. We looked at this as a radical problem requiring an equally radical solution. Could we design a container that would leverage sustainability, be easy to transport, and enhance the consumer’s drinking experience?
The 360 Paper Bottle is a sustainable vision of the future. It is the first totally recyclable paper container made from 100% renewable resources. Versatile in its range of consumer applications and made from food-safe and fully recyclable materials, it decreases energy consumed throughout the product life cycle without sacrificing functionality. It is paper packaging that stands up to all liquid categories.

Another example of gorgeous design is the Wasara range of eco-friendly tablewear, made from reed pulp and bagasse (sugarcane waste). Created with a stunning Japanese aesthetic and style, these sculptural organic forms are elevated beyond being mere 'paper' plates. The range was released in Japan in August this year and recently exhibited at Tokyo Design Week, in Design & Environment.

Image Source: Wasara (found via Spoon & Tomago)