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More on Textiles and Ceramics

02 December 2008

Image Source: Ruth Borgenicht (found via dear ada)

Remember last week I did a series of posts on chunky knits, textiles and ceramics? Here is some more stunning work in that vein.

Ruth Borgenicht is a ceramicist/sculptor who's work evokes fiber and knits as well as medieval chain mail. I love the contradiction of constructions and shapes that would normally be soft and warm to the touch made from hard cold stoneware.

This is what Ruth says about her work:
I use the chain mail pattern and other woven patterns to create ceramic works that conjure up a sense of permanence and defensive concealment. My most recent work expands into shapes that evoke landscapes and architectural elements. The shapes allow me to explore the interdependency of forms as structural support as well as forms defined by pattern and color. While the sections of the pieces appear to be flat and immobile, the whole piece and all its components are mobile and dimensional.

You can visit the artist's website and see a lot more of her work here.