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04 December 2008

Have you heard of EcoEtsy? It's a group of artists and crafters from around the world who practice eco-conscious crafting.

Team EcoEtsy has a blog (here) to share eco-tips and
eco-friendly crafting and shopping, and to promote and demonstrate the eco-friendliness of their creations.

It's a great iniative and I hope more sellers get on board.
To find EcoEtsy products just do an Etsy tag search for "teamecoetsy". Click here to go straight to the search results. Go have a look... and buy EcoEtsy!

Here are some of my favourite EcoEtsy products.

These adorable felted acorns, eggs and rocks are by Lisa Jordan of lil fish studios and can be found here.

I absolutely love these funky and graphic messenger bags and cushions, available here from reiter8. They are made from sailboat sails and incorporate details like the original sail grommets and seam stitching. One of these bags is now high on my etsy wishlist.

Gorgeous Christmas (or any time of the year) decorations made from things like chickpeas, black eyed beans, moss and twigs. Available here from Maka Le Wakan. The name means 'the earth is sacred" in Sioux.

Above, clockwise from top left:
- Summer Salad Handspun Yarn (how delicious are those colours?!), from Blonde Chicken Boutique, here.
- Organic Cotton Washcloths, from Ecogeneration, here.
- Tree of Life Organc Tee, from cloud9, here.
- Wooden Gift Tags (adorable!),
from Maka Le Wakan, here.

Above, clockwise from top left:
- Hemp Blosson Bag (must have!) from infusion, here.
- Cream Felt Eco Stocking from rikrak, here.
- Sleep Angel Lavender Scented Dream Doll, (I want...) from La Pomme, here.
Bilingual Cloves Scented Holiday Ornaments from La Pomme, here.

All images via etsy.