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Mousie Love

13 November 2008

My daughter Roxy (aged "four and three quarters") is obsessed with toy mice. They are her favourite toy. She has her two favourites - Softie and Roundie - as well as various others. So I was delighted yesterday to find this most adorable little mouse in his oversized matchbox bed. I'll put it away to go in Roxy's Christmas stocking. The mouse is about the size of the palm of my hand and he's very simple and sweet with a vintage French feel. He has a comfy mattress and pillow and a sweet little knitted blanket.

Roxy has never liked dolls - in fact she really dislikes them and she makes sure I give away any unwanted doll gifts that come her way. She has tea parties with her mice instead. They go to bed with her. She dresses them up and pushes them in a pram. I can't wait to see her tucking this little mousie into his cosy bed.

It is made by a Danish husband and wife company called Maileg. They have some other sweet little mousie friends as well as rabbits, monkeys, giraffes and elves on their website. I also love this little mouse house with its Swiss cheese lid and matchbox bench.

Image Source (this image): Maileg