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Inspiration: Helen Pynor

12 November 2008

Image Source: Helen Pynor

Dominik Mersh Gallery is currently exhibiting the beautiful work of photographer Helen Pynor

In the ‘Milk’ series, Pynor presents medicinal plants used by the Dharawal people of the Sydney and Illawarra region of New South Wales. The plants merge with ambiguous fluids that gradually unfurl, as if in slow motion, curling around plants and dispersing through the surrounding medium. The shared fates of bodies and plants entwine, whilst cultural histories and futures (those acknowledged and unacknowledged) are divined.

In the cool, watery, disorientated atmosphere of the photographs, visceral immediacy diffuses into the narratives of other times and divergent cultures, in a gesture that collapses past and present.

The exhibition runs until 22nd November at Dominik Mersh Gallery, 2 Danks Street Waterloo (Sydney). The images I've shown here in no way do these amazing works of art justice. In person Helen's work is absolutely spellbinding. For me this is another 'must see' exhibition, and one I hope to get back to for a second look.