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Custom Printed Fabric

25 September 2008

I was very excited earlier this year when I found out about Spoonflower in North Carolina. What a fantastic idea: having your own design custom printed onto fabric by the yard! From their website:
The folks who are waging the handmade revolution by and large do so quietly. On blogs, in sewing groups, on Etsy storefronts and in their homes, a growing number of people have decided to make and to share things they think are beautiful. Spoonflower exists to give crafters a powerful tool for expressing their creative visions using fabric.

Spoonflower is still running in Beta mode and you have to join a list and wait to be invited to have your fabric printed. Then there's the issue of the additional cost of postage to Aus.

Then, recently I heard about Ink & Spindle in Melbourne. I love Lara Cameron's fabric designs and found out about Ink & Spindle via her blog Kirin Notebook. Lara, Bianca and Tegan are in the process of setting up a yardage screen printing business, with an environmentally friendly focus. How exciting is that?! Their studio is located in Kensington, in the Younghusband Wool Store building. I'm so impressed with all the work they've done so far to get Ink & Spindle set up - you can check out their progress on the Ink & Spindle blog here.

Image Source: Ink & Spindle

Bianca of course is the talented Bianca Van Meeuwen of Hollabee. Here is the Hollabee blog. And the mysterious Tegan, well, I can't seem to find out any more info than she's a secondary school teacher and a Scorpio.

Top: Fabrics by Lara Cameron. Image Source: Kirin Notebook
Fabrics by Bianca Van Meeuwen. Image Source: Hollabee

Of course, with my Creative ADD my brain has been in overdrive for weeks now thinking about designs I can have printed on to fabric. Somebody stop me... I already have too much to do!