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Discoveries via small magazine

24 September 2008

If you haven't already come across it, small is an online magazine which supports creators, designers, photographers and illustrators working on a small scale for 'the smaller sized'. It is a gorgeous mag full of truly beautiful products presented in unusual and imaginative ways by independent creatives.

In the current issue I (re)discovered the beautiful illustrations of Jayme McGowan. small commissioned Jayme to illustrate a fashion story and the resulting spreads are quite remarkable. I had seen Jayme's three dimensional paper constructions/illustrations on etsy, but with so many things bookmarked(!) I hadn't looked at her work for a while. You can visit her Roadside projects blog here and her etsy shop here.

Image source: small magazine

Another artist who's work I've admired previously is LA-based photographer Jen Gotch - she also created a fashion story for the current issue of small. Jen's images are shot on polaroid, so they have a lovely quality to them.
Image source: small magazine

Check out the work on her website too. I just love her simple and perfect compositions.
Image source:

And lastly is a new discovery (of mine at least) and inspiration from small magazine: the incredible images of Louise Robinson. Louise's work is dream-like and compelling and is created digitally with photos she takes, painted and textured backgrounds, and lots of layers in photoshop.

Louise says: "
Much of my work concerns themes and desires that are horrendously close to my heart; my love of trees, the forces of nature, childhood, the importance of dreams, imagination and self belief. Most of these themes are integral to my work, as well as the occasional slice of humour or playfulness.
Above all, I try not to fall into the habit of taking myself too seriously."

I am just about to check out Louise's etsy shop, and I think I can feel a purchase coming on! Here is her blog: art and ghosts.
Image source: art and ghosts blog