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One of those days...

08 July 2011

It's almost 4 o'clock, I've been awake since 6am and I feel like I have done nothing today. Here's how it went:

Wake up and hang out with Roxy, have breakfast, etc.
Check emails and browse a few blogs.
Put some washing on.
Unpack the dishwasher.
Get Roxy in the bath and help her wash her hair.
Have a shower and get dressed.
Get Roxy organised ready to be picked up for a day out.
Think about all I will accomplish today and write a list.
Tidy up. Change the bed sheets.
Do some paper craft with Roxy.
See Roxy off.
It's 11.00. Now... some work!
Make a few phone calls and go online to order a few office supplies.
Hang the washing out and put another load on.
Put the kettle on.
Answer the phone and talk to a friend... for 45 minutes!
Pay some bills.

Heat up some homemade soup and put some toast on for lunch.
Look at my Google Reader and browse a few more blogs.
Eat lunch while browsing the internet.
Boil the kettle again, and this time make a cup of tea.
Take my cutting mat out to the dining table to cut some Sweeties fabric so I can fill some orders. (I do usually have stock cut and packed and ready to go, but I've run out and need to restock at the moment)
On the way I pass the laundry and realise I have more washing to hang out.
Hang out the washing.
Answer some emails. (sorry if you're waiting on a response from me... I have a backlog!)
Tip out the cold tea.
Realise it's 4 o'clock and I have to get to the Post Office and haven't cut the fabric or packed the orders.
Check my list and see that I have only crossed off 2 things!
Write a blog post about it.

Edit: Oh and I did also spend a sizeable chunk of time on the phone sorting out my car insurance, rego, and a few other things as I've just sold a car and bought another one.

Do you have days like this too? I have good intentions and even write times next to my list items, but when it's a beautiful day in winter I need to get the washing out, when a friend calls who I haven't spoken to in ages I don't feel like I can cut them off, and I tend to get a bit distracted by my computer... Then it gets to 4pm and I stress about losing the day.

Have a great weekend. I hope to have a more productive one!