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What is it about cushions?

12 April 2010

I saw an ad for Target on TV recently and the scenario was a young couple setting up home together and furnishing it with Target homewares. A whole heap of cushions are piled onto the bed, and at the end of the commercial the woman adds one more to the collection...

When I was in Ikea browsing and purchasing their fabulous fabric with a friend I asked her what she was going to do with her new stash. She replied "Oh, I don't know. I'll probably make cushions"...

The other week we went to see some stand up comedy and one of the comics made reference to the growing number of cushions his girlfriend seems to sneak into their apartment. That made me laugh out loud, because it's a running joke around here too. I am a bit obsessed with them. Stuart is always commenting on the number of cushions on our bed and lounges, and how often I change or add to them. Are you the same?

What is it with women and cushions?!

For me it's an instant budget makeover for a room. Our bedroom is very minimal in colour - I just can't seem to go past a white doona cover - so I change it up with the cushion covers. I'm desperate to get rid of our lounges, so in the meantime I try to disguise something I hate with cushions in lots of patterns and colours that I love. (I've contemplated making covers for the lounges - a 3 seater, 2 seater and an armchair - but the amount of time and effort and the cost of the fabric makes me lose all interest.)

Today I'm loving these cushions made from vintage fabric, from Plonka Home on Etsy. I'd love to have a jumble of them, maybe mixed up with a few of these, on a big couch in my favourite colour: soft vintage aqua/turquoise. Mmmm, nice!

So what do you think about the cushion thing? Are you with me?