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Oh Anthro!

10 July 2009

Dear Anthropologie, why do you tease me so? I swoon every time I look at your website and see so many things I'd love to buy... beautiful shoes, a top or two, a pillow, and a rug. And your sales! Oh, the sales.

So last night when I thought I was due for an Anthro fix I checked in to find that you now ship to 34 countries. Oh my, could it be... 34 countries?! Barely able to catch my breath I clicked on the pull down menu.
Hang on Australia comes before Belgium. I check through the whole list just in case Australia is somehow mistakenly nestled in amongst the S's or the T's.

But it isn't to be. What you should have said dear Anthropologie is that you now ship to 34 European countries, by just inserting that one word my expectations wouldn't have been raised and I wouldn't have had so far to fall.

And so I will continue to admire you from afar.