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Inspiration: Vintage Children's Books

19 November 2008

This is another gem that my vintage-hunting pal Judy found for me recently. (I'm so lucky that Jude collects different vintage items to me - she always manages to unearth the best things) The book is called Listening For Sounds and the fantastic illustrations are by Art Seiden.

The illustration style is similar to that of one of my favourites: French illustrator Alain Gree. Alain illustrated, designed and wrote over 300 books in the 60's and 70's that were translated into 20 different languages.

Image Source: Alain Gree

You can read more about Alain, including an interview, and see examples of other work at his website here. His
work has recently been licensed by a Japanese company and the products are available for purchase outside of Japan here at Japanese Zakka Online Shop. This is a great site full of Japanese cuteness that posts worldwide.