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In search of the perfect coffee... cup

17 November 2008

I often hear people say they have a particular cafe where they buy their 'perfect' cup of coffee. When friends travel or move to a new area the holy grail seems to find that perfect caffeine fix. I'm not a coffee drinker, but I am in search of the perfect cup to drink my herbal tea from. I have some cheap white mugs which I've owned for many years and although they are white and should be inoffensive I really don't like them. In fact, I've grown to really dislike them. I think what I do find offensive about them is that they are so bland and have no sense of being designed - they are just very ordinary cylindrical white mugs. Boring. I also have a collection of beautiful vintage cups and saucers, but they feel a bit dainty to use every day. And of course my gorgeous Shelley tea cups but I can't bring myself to use them at all, plus they wouldn't be conducive to the cocooning feel I want to get when cradling my cup of tea in my hands.

I know exactly what I want, but so far I haven't been able to find it. I'm thinking porcelain in white, or maybe slightly off white, and if it's the perfect shape I might be able to live with a muted colour inside. I want the cup to be rounded like an egg - but not too round - and to fit comfortably in my hands when I cradle it. The base has to be round too. I'm not into square bases. And it has to be the perfect size. I don't want to feel like I'm drinking out of a bucket, but I want to be able to make a satisfying cup of tea.

Here are some I've found that are on my shortlist:

Clockwise from top left:
Mud Australia. I think the sides are a bit to straight - I'd like them to be rounder.
Little White Dish. I really like this one, although again, maybe the sides aren't curved enough, and it doesn't have a handle. I think I want a handle.
Somchai Careon at All Handmade Gallery: I'm not sure about the texture, I'll have to see it and hold it to be sure.
From All Handmade Gallery: Beautiful, I love this... but maybe the size of the top is too big?

Now you'll get some idea of how fussy I am!

I've been searching for my perfect cup for a while now, but maybe I have to give up on perfection (can a Virgo really do that?!) and buy something. No, I'm a perfectionist and I'm also patient. I want the perfect cup.

Have you seen anything that I might like?