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abcd winter meet-up :: Sharing in Sydney

05 August 2012

It's time to mark your diary for the next Sydney abcd meet-up for art, craft and design bloggers which will be on Thursday 16 August.  Our meet-ups are about creating and nurturing a sense of community, support and connection, so this time we have distilled our raison d'etre into a theme: 'Sharing'.

Our abcd group is full of lovely and talented women who must have a wealth of information and things they could share with each other. With this in mind, we will set aside about 45 minutes where we can discuss, in small groups, some fun and informative topics related to blogging. We'll all get the chance to share our ideas and we will be swapping groups every 6 or so minutes so that we get to meet everyone. Of course, in the spirit of our meet-ups it will all be fun and informal. We have lined up some of our abcd girls to be 'conversation starters' for the groups. They will initiate discussion on a topic of their choice. The topics may include things like:
How I have grown my blog audience
How I stay inspired when things slow down
What promotional tools I use for my business
What I love most about what I do
Should I keep up with my blog or just use Facebook?

We'll email everyone closer to the date with the group topics so you can have a think about what you'd like to contribute to the discussions. Make sure you join our mailing list (if you haven't already) to be updated. We think this will be a great way to learn from each other and to get us all up and mingling! We're looking forward to hearing what everyone has to share.
In keeping with our 'sharing' theme we are changing up the ever popular goodie bags for this meet-up. This time we thought goodie bag contributions could be about sharing something a little more personal. Some ideas are: share a copy of your favourite recipe, a meaningful quote, something you have made, a lovely photo you've taken, your go-to online resources, your favourite places to hang out in Sydney, or your favourite treat. Be creative with how you present it. Make it something you love. Share it with your abcd friends! Of course please include your blog/website/shop details etc with your goodie. The goodie bags are about people remembering you and we love to follow up with an online visit! Remember, no marketing promotion please - while abcd is a place for sharing we aren't all about promotion - in the goodie bags, or in person.

Goodie bag participation is optional, but you will only receive one if you add something to the bags. Remember to RSVP with GOODIE BAG PARTICIPANT before 12th August so we can tally up the numbers and let all the participants know. There usually around 30 goodie bags, so if you want to get a head start use that as a rough guide, although be prepared to bring more if needed.
We want to make abcd events relevant, accessible and enjoyable and we want to hear what you have to say. So at this meet-up we'll hand out a short survey for you to fill out on the night. We're keen to know how we can improve our meet-ups and help you get to know each other in a meaningful way. If you've been to abcd before and can't make it to this one, you'll be able to do the survey online after the event.
Venue: The 3 Weeds (the cosy back room), 193 Evans St, Rozelle, NSW
Date: Thursday 16th August
Time: 7 - 9pm
RSVP:  for goodie bags by 12th August
             without goodie bags up until 16th Aug
*This time Steph is collecting RSVPs on her blog so we have them all in one place. Please pop over to Steph's post on Bondville to RSVP. Thanks!

Street parking is limited in Rozelle so try to arrive early and have a drink or some food at the bar, or take public transport. Buses run up Victoria Road regularly, just get off at the BP at Evans St. In the spirit of 'sharing' we also want to encourage you to car pool. You never know - there might be someone who lives right near you! If you'd like to car pool or need a lift make a note of it together with your suburb/area on your RSVP.

Hope you can make it. We'd love to see you!

abcd Sydney is organised by me (Lisa) and Steph of Bondville.

{You can also find abcd on Facebook}