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Classes and Courses

23 June 2012

There was a time, before I was a parent, that I was always taking one course or another. Sadly they are few and far between for me now. Do you take courses, either online or IRL? Do you have any that you've done and would recommend? Please share them with links in the comments.

Here are a few that look kinda fab.

Get Your Paint on : Beyond the Basics
with artists Lisa Congdon and Mati McDonough
This is an online painting course, commencing July 9th for 5 weeks.
I am still seriously considering signing up for this one (I just need to allow myself to take some time out for it), it sounds great and is aimed at all levels including beginners.
All the info is on the Get Your Paint On website.
Feedback: Yay! As a newbie I was so worried that I was going to be out of my depth, but the two of you & everyone else made this space so relaxed and easy to take risks and the support and encouragement made me want to paint more and more and more. I have loved every moment and will be looking out for the next class. Thank you!

with Susannah Conway
Another online course, starting September 3rd for 8 weeks.
Using photography and journalling the course aims to unlock how we see ourselves and the world we live in.
Find out all the info on the Unravelling website.
Feedback: When I began Unravelling, I wasn’t sure where I wanted the course to take me; I simply wanted to know a little bit more about myself. Very quickly, though, the adventure of the assignments, and the personal insights from Susannah, raised questions that demanded answers. From there, the process of self-discovery really seemed to take on a life of its own. The photography assignments were wonderful in the way they were able to bring out the individual in everyone, and the journaling exercises took me — an avid journaler my whole life — to new depths in my writing. 

Master Classes with Megan Morton
Super stylist, designer, self-described "house whisperer" and all round lovely person Megan Morton is running a series of master classes from The School in Sydney. The classes are: Finding Your Own Style, Prepare a Property for Sale, and Science of Styling and they look like they are going to be fantastic. The first Science of Styling class in July is booked out, but there are more scheduled for the coming months.
Find out more and see the timetable on The School website.
As these are new classes there is no feedback from past students, but here is something from Megan:
I am a sharer. I can't help it. For years now I have wanted to formulate what I have learnt in all my time styling and making beautiful. A last! I am ready. Please come and let's share, your house will thank you for it. As you know I have long-believed in the power of house whispering. I know you know that it works. But behind this there is a visual science to everything that a stylist does.

If you visit the Temple & Webster blog and comment on their post before midnight on Monday 25th (that's only a couple of days away) you could WIN a Master Class with Megan. Woohoo! Get on over!

Megan has also released her school holiday timetable for children's classes. Roxy did the cookie and cupcake decorating class last holidays and declared it the best day of the whole holidays... a big call!

Don't forget to comment with any classes or courses you've done and would recommend!