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Update on the Raffle and Giveaway

21 January 2011

Aren't we an awesome lot?! We - bloggers and blog readers - have so far raised $45,000 through the online auctions and raffles. Everyone deserves a pat on the back and a big thank you! But it's not over yet - the auctions close on Monday today and the raffles on Wednesday so there's still time to dig deep for the Queenslanders.

My personal goal was to raise $1,500 through the red thread raffle (see the post below this one), and we've already reached $1,570! $2,090!! Woo hoo! Thank you so much to everyone who has entered so far - you rock! So now I think we should aim for $2,000 $2,500. What do you think? Do you have $10 to donate, or can you forward the link on to anyone else?

Edit: Tuesday morning... we've passed $2,500! So awesome. Thank you everyone! Can we get to $3000 now? Given that there's only just over a day to go that may not be achievable, but let's try shall we?

I've just been to the updated raffles page to check out what's on offer now that the auctions have all closed, and I've made some more donations and entered a few more raffles. Click here to go on over and take a look.

I also wanted to explain my lack of posts this week. I decided it was more important to keep the Flood Relief raffle post front and centre on the blog. Normal broadcasting will resume here on Thursday.