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Shoes of Prey :: Affordable Bespoke Shoes!

10 January 2011

Ok, I'm hyperventilating here...
let me tell you about Australian company Shoes of Prey.

Bespoke shoes: You design them - choose from seven basic styles then pick the colours, materials (fabulous range), heel style and height, and embellishments.

Affordable: AUS $195 to $350. For bespoke shoes I think this is really reasonable. Checkout the feedback they have received - well worth it I think.

A great range of sizes: This one's important to me with my rather large feet... they can make from a  teeny size 2.5 / Euro 31, right up to 15 / Euro 49! And in varying widths.

International shipping: Flat rate of AUS $25

The range and options are almost overwhelming. Did I tell you I'm excited! I just wish I'd known about Shoes of Prey a couple of months ago. I have a friend's wedding coming up in a few weeks that I would have loved to order a pair of shoes for... although I'm sure I'll be able to find other reasons to justify a purchase.

Edit: Ok, perhaps I need to explain why I'm thrilled to have found Shoes of Prey. It seems like my enthusiasm isn't shared! With feet on the upper end of the size chart I can never just walk into shoe shops and try everything on. I don't have a huge amount of choice, and I'm usually settling for a pair of shoes that I like, rather than being able to choose from a range that I love. I don't even bother going into most shops as I know they won't stock my size. That's why I feel like a kid in a candy store when I visit at Shoes of Prey. 
As an aside a lovely friend put me onto this great website - you might like to check it out if you share our frustration with finding shoes to fit.

If you'd like to know more about the process, check out this video.